House of Art

Endless Group, has brought a city of culture and art to Istanbul, an outdoor museum with 8000 years of history, and the heart of this city, Taksim where art lovers experience different areas of art at the same time and where art lovers can stay at home at the end of the day. Endless Art Taksim presents a new and different experience to Istanbul's cultural and arts capital of geography, from regular exhibitions to theatres, concerts and seminars, to interviews, panels and conferences from different body workshops.

Endless Art Hall

Endless Art Taksim, gathers current examples of contemporary art together at the Endless Art Hall. The work which collects the attention of the visual arts in the periodical exhibitions that are held meets with the audience at Endless Art Hall. The works of young artists who have shined their stars from day to day, have given direction to cultural life in our country and have proven their success in international field were gathered together under the same roof. Art lovers find the opportunity to get to know themselves not only in the works but also in the activities they performed parallel to the exhibitions. Endless Art Taksim aims to make art a part of the life not being limited to the halls but with the arrangement of exhibition integrated with the space.

Endless Art Stage

The most current theatre plays which channel the city's culture and art life come to life in the Endless Art Stage. The experimental approaches which have established strong connections with the audience and sometimes adapted to the Stage find their places on stage. Sound artists and different groups are constructing melodic bridges on the Stage between the western classics and the exotic tunes of the East between the two continents. Sometimes Stage, seminars, panels and interviews take audiences to journey into the vast horizons of thinking. Endless Art Stage with modern sound and light system, up to 130 seats, can be rearranged according to the events thanks to its modular feature

Endless Art Atolye

Endless Art Taksim is, where art does not take a break, and it invites its guests to recognize their bodies. In the body workshops held at Endless Art Atolye, participants become part of the body art, not just the audience, in the presence of performance artists. Participants in yoga sessions during different times of the day can discover their bodies’ limitlessness with respectable instructors. While the rhythms of modern dance teach the body in the group work, the mind is getting away from the tiredness of life. In sporting events like Pilates, participants are experiencing the unique experience of keeping their bodies fit in an environment full of art. Atolye becomes the venue of the inner journeys in which people begin to recognize themselves during their creative drama works.

Endless Art Taksim invites you to live culture and art with a different experience, and to wake up to life with art.


Opening on 20th September