MARCH 28 – MAY 26, 2018

Endless Art Taksim continues to contribute to Istanbul's cultural life thorugh the range from theatres to concerts as well as from workshops to exhibitions of the different disciplines, together with the panels and seminars.

Endless Art Taksim encourages the audience to re-consider the art through different approaches, as it always does, while bringing together the projects available in different fields of art under the same roof.

During each creation process, the artists reinterpret the life into the world through filtering it through their own internal dynamics repetitively, and they transfer their works, which they produce through bringing together their own life experiences and energies, to any material like a sperisaika*.

The gravitational field, created by each new work produced, interacts with the energies, created by all other productions of the world, and it, as a product of occurrence and creation, catches the harmony of the disharmony between the works. The works available at the exhibition gets together under the initiative of the artists through their free and independent attitude presented by their own internal energy to them, and they transfer their interpersonal energies to the audience in their own environment.

At the exhibition, which covers all exhibition spaces, mainly the Endless Art Hall; Ece Deryaoğlu, Günay Demir, Hülya Küpcüoğlu, İnci Ertuğ, Lucia Şanko, Maide Bulak, Melis Boyaci, Öznur Kepçe, Sümer Erek and Tijen İnce encourage the audience to experience a common energy field, through their works they produced by means of different techniques.


* Lightning rod


You may visit the exhibition “Siperisaika” at Endless Art Taksim as of March 28, 2018.

Opening cocktail for the exhibition:

March 28, 2018


At 07:00 PM

  • 28-Mar-2018 - 26-May-2018
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CURATORS: Hande Ozdilim, Dolunay May

JANUARY 24 –MARCH 24, 2018

Endless Art Taksim continues to contribute to the cultural life of Istanbul, by means of the theatres, concerts, panels and seminars, and the workshops in different disciplines, and the exhibitions.

Endless Art Taksim brings together the projects in different fields of art under the same roof, and also it invites you to rethink some customary concepts, as it always does. The "X", which is also the title of this first exhibition of the new year, is considered together with any and all the initiatives and insights that it brings to mind.

The "X", which is in the form of the symbol of darkness and obscurity for science that aims only to create and generate knowledge, also implies a target (X) as need-to-known. Just as any point, on which any treasure is hidden in any map, is indicated by the "X", it symbolizes the fact that the target, which serves as the purpose of all actions, is indeed unpredictable.

Is it a coincidence that "X" becomes an image of unknown (x) in any field, including the science through which it is granted with a meaning? In respect of the woman's darkness and obscurity; is the underlying reason of the symbolization of the female chromosome by the "X" a sociological unconscious analogy, as far as the psychological factor? Or do we live in a world of reality that we have established through marking (X) and rejection (X) against such darkness and obscurity?

Ten (X) female (X) artists, namely Ahu Akkan, Ayca Ceylan, Bahar Kocaman, Beyza Boynudelik, Burcin Erdi, Deniz Sagdic, Gulten Imamoglu, Nadide Akdeniz, Nermin Ulker, Ozge Enginoz, focus on the darkness and obscurity, and those which we think that we know, through their works in different techniques and disciplines in the exhibition covering all of the exhibition spaces, especially the Endless Art Hall.

You can visit the exhibition “X” at Endless Art Taksim as of January 24, 2018.

Opening Cocktail for the Exhibition:

January 24, 2018



Endless Art Taksim; Inonu Mahallesi, Elmadag Cd. 28, 34373 Sisli/Istanbul


  • 24-Jan-2018 - 24-Mar-2018
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NOVEMBER 22, 2017 – JANUARY 20, 2018

CURATORS : Hande Özdilim, Dolunay May

Endless Art Taksim, which opened its doors on September 20, is questioning what is "real" at its second exhibition “The Reality 4.0”. The question "what am I?", which is at the same age as the history for human, is related to the fact that "what" the things other than itself are, for a person with consciousness. Anything other than human also means a worldwide imagination. Thus, the intermediate area between "me" and "non-me" gains an infinite and boundless depth through which the meaning of being human becomes a question mark.

All descriptions, occurring in such intermediate area, also cause the distinction between reality and truth. The only human, who questions what the real thing is, and who, therefore, constantly suggests what is true, is the artist. Every image that comes to life in the work leads to re-questioning of the fact, known as “reality”, while offering a new suggestion for the truth.

Endless Art Taksim's second exhibition aims at reconsidering the question of reality, which has been reduced by technical plane under the title “abstract” through conventional approaches of the art. Artists known for their works, which are intended for the truth, or which are questioning the real one, come together under the title “The Reality 4.0”                                               

Adem Genç, Adnan Çoker, Asım İşler, Bahar Kocaman, Berkay Buğdanoğlu, Bubi, Burhan Doğançay, Erman Özbaşaran, Gülten İmamoğlu, Güngör Taner, Hasan Pehlevan, Hayal İncedoğan, İsmet Doğan, Jale Çelik, Koray Ariş, Mehmet Gün, Meriç Hızal, Mithat Şen, Murat Germen, Reşat Bayraktar, Seçil Erel, Tuna Üner, Yusuf Taktak, Zekai Ormancı are involved in the exhibition, which covers all exhibition areas, especially the Endless Art Hall, with their works intended for the fact that what the "reality" means.

The opening cocktail for the exhibition “The Reality 4.0” on November 22, 2017, Wednesday, at 19:00 in Endless Art Taksim.

All art lovers are invited.


  • 22-Nov-2017 - 20-Jan-2018
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Kimlik: Barınılan Yer



"Identity: The Sheltered Place"

September 20 – November 18, 2017

Endless Art Taksim, brings a different 'Art House' to the city, Istanbul, an open-air museum with 8000 years of history, at its heart, Taksim where art lovers can experience the different areas of art at the same time. Endless Art Taksim, 15th Istanbul Biennial opens its doors to the art lovers with the project named "Identity: The Sheltered Place" which will be organized within the scope of Neighbour Events, offering special fields from visual arts to theatres, concerts, body workshops and different disciplines of art.

The first guests of Endless Art Taksim, having presented an unusual art center experience with an 'Art House' approach where accommodation services are provided as well, became the participating artists of the 15th Istanbul Biennial from outside Turkey. Endless Art Taksim also supports the 15th Istanbul Biennial with its accommodation services as well as the neighbouring activities which will be performed within the same period.

Endless Art Taksim aims to present the artist's cultural existence at the same time with his own existence in the opening exhibition titled "Identity: The Sheltered Place". There are traces of stones having shaped the cultural life of the society, with or without the willingness of every creation to build its own existence.

On the other hand, the effects of the art institution to the identity of the artist is considered under the scope of the relation of mutual existence to the function of constructing the institutional identity of the structure in terms of the appearance, within the context of the appearance. This entire cycle of existence becomes a direct determinant of the cultural context of the cultural context of society, especially today.

In this project, which is based on the concept of ethos, whereby identity is considered within the scope of ethos, independent of political or geographical boundaries, the context of the "sheltered place" of the ethos word as opposed to Greek is also sent to the House of Art that can be accommodated by Endless Art Taksim.

The exhibition covers all exhibition areas, especially the Endless Art Hall;

Ahu Akkan, Ali Alışır, Ali Kotan, Arzu Başaran, Aslı Torcu, Bahri Genç, Balkan Naci İslimyeli, Barış Cihanoğlu, Bedri Baykam, Bubi, Deniz Sağdıç, Ergin İnan, Genco Gülan, Gülşah Bayraktar, Hanefi Yeter, Horasan, İhsan Oturmak, Kadriye İnal, Koray Ariş, Mahmut Aydın, Şahin Domin, Şinasi Göktürkler, Yusuf Taktak will perform their works with the emphasize on identity while Pinar Derin Gencer will present her performance named as “Between Waves” on different occasions during the opening day and during the course of the exhibition, at different times. 


"Identity: The Sheltered Place" exhibition where the opening of Endless Art Taksim will be held, opening cocktail September 20, 2017, Wednesday at 19:00 in Endless Art Taksim.

All art lovers are invited.




  • 20-Sep-2017 - 18-Nov-2017
  • Sergi etkinlikleri ücretsizdir.
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