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"Identity: The Sheltered Place"

September 20 – November 18, 2017

Endless Art Taksim, brings a different 'Art House' to the city, Istanbul, an open-air museum with 8000 years of history, at its heart, Taksim where art lovers can experience the different areas of art at the same time. Endless Art Taksim, 15th Istanbul Biennial opens its doors to the art lovers with the project named "Identity: The Sheltered Place" which will be organized within the scope of Neighbour Events, offering special fields from visual arts to theatres, concerts, body workshops and different disciplines of art.

The first guests of Endless Art Taksim, having presented an unusual art center experience with an 'Art House' approach where accommodation services are provided as well, became the participating artists of the 15th Istanbul Biennial from outside Turkey. Endless Art Taksim also supports the 15th Istanbul Biennial with its accommodation services as well as the neighbouring activities which will be performed within the same period.

Endless Art Taksim aims to present the artist's cultural existence at the same time with his own existence in the opening exhibition titled "Identity: The Sheltered Place". There are traces of stones having shaped the cultural life of the society, with or without the willingness of every creation to build its own existence.

On the other hand, the effects of the art institution to the identity of the artist is considered under the scope of the relation of mutual existence to the function of constructing the institutional identity of the structure in terms of the appearance, within the context of the appearance. This entire cycle of existence becomes a direct determinant of the cultural context of the cultural context of society, especially today.

In this project, which is based on the concept of ethos, whereby identity is considered within the scope of ethos, independent of political or geographical boundaries, the context of the "sheltered place" of the ethos word as opposed to Greek is also sent to the House of Art that can be accommodated by Endless Art Taksim.

The exhibition covers all exhibition areas, especially the Endless Art Hall;

Ahu Akkan, Ali Alışır, Ali Kotan, Arzu Başaran, Aslı Torcu, Bahri Genç, Balkan Naci İslimyeli, Barış Cihanoğlu, Bedri Baykam, Bubi, Deniz Sağdıç, Ergin İnan, Genco Gülan, Gülşah Bayraktar, Hanefi Yeter, Horasan, İhsan Oturmak, Kadriye İnal, Koray Ariş, Mahmut Aydın, Şahin Domin, Şinasi Göktürkler, Yusuf Taktak will perform their works with the emphasize on identity while Pinar Derin Gencer will present her performance named as “Between Waves” on different occasions during the opening day and during the course of the exhibition, at different times. 


"Identity: The Sheltered Place" exhibition where the opening of Endless Art Taksim will be held, opening cocktail September 20, 2017, Wednesday at 19:00 in Endless Art Taksim.

All art lovers are invited.




  • 20-Sep-2017 - 18-Nov-2017
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